Yoga Travel: London – 3 Places to Dance at Dawn

1. Secret Sunrise London

Right before I came to London for the summer I was looking up ways I could dance outdoors or just dance in general. When I came across Secret Sunrise London, it went straight to the top of my list.

As I’ve said before, learning how to dance fully, confidently and without inhibiting how I really wanted to move my body – has been something that has really helped me in terms of self expression, confidence in my body and just having some good ol’ fashioned joy that I can carry with me for the rest of the day. Who does not feel great after a proper dancing session? (Sometimes I’m just at home on my own dancing in my room!)

Secret Sunrise London at Hyde Park. Photo: Source

Secret Sunrise London was born from the concept of combining a mindful practice, a physical work out, non-judgmental space, self- expression and just being in play and fun. They gather in parks around London city (following cities such as Johannesburg, Amsterdam, Cape Town, Sydney, Durban and Ibiza) and wearing a set of head phones through which you will hear the beats of a curated playlist that has been selected to invigorate, energize and  ease us into a grounded and opening that dance flow. Yes, yes! I’m in!!

The great thing is this dance flow is part guided by the facilitator (through the headphones) so that you can find your groove and within that space there will also be time for free flow.  Delish, and in a park on a sunny London morning?! Lush.

Nature, music and moving your body to your natural rhythm – bring it on. Dancing really is an amazing practice for mood boosting (I feel it is anyways) and in the words of Secret Sunrise “the simple act of getting together with a crowd of strangers, shaking off your early morning doziness and really, really going for it is a life-affirming experience and a revolutionary way to start your day.”  

Who is ready to dance with us at sunrise?

The next event is this Saturday, July 21st in the stunning, STUNNING surrounds of Hampstead Heath; 8.30 – 9.30am.

Get your tickets HERE and come and be part of this unique and joyous way to start into your weekend. All are welcome.  Instagram: Secret Sunrise London      Facebook: Secret Sunrise London



2.Morning Gloryville

I first attended Morning Gloryville in Dublin. I was living at a retreat centre in rural Wexford and myself and a group of other yoginis would set of at 3am to get to Dublin for 6am so we could dance our way into the morning. Such fun! Yoga, massages and other treats available to soothe you while you take a break from the dancefloor.

You can wake up and nourish yourself with a whole variety of vegan friendly foods and drinks – from smoothies, plant based energy treats, kombucha, coffee and well you get the idea- you will not go hungry.

It can definitely feel intimidating the idea to go to something like this, especially if you – like I have been – are used to dancing or partying in environments that generally run on alcohol or other substances. Personally, I have found every single one of the MGV events that I have attended (I have been to three or four in Dublin and two in London) to be so open, friendly, welcoming with a very relaxed and diverse atmosphere. There are people from all backgrounds and walks of life who just come together to have some fun – whether it be before work (I have seen people go in to the bathroom in glittered rave gear and come out in a suit!) or just a way to get your partying fix when you are rarely out or awake past 9pm.

Definitely check one out at least once and you will see what I mean! The events in London have been pretty epic and I can’t wait for next months one. The last two events had Roger Sanchez and Groove Armada headlining!

Facebook: Morning Gloryville

Instagram: Morning Gloryville

At the 5th birthday MGV celebrations in London this month. So much fun!



3. Rise and Shine

And last but definitely not least, we have Rise and Shine – a healthier alternative to socialising, dancing, eating and just meet and connect with people in the city – which with our busy London lives, can be a challenge.

There will be all the natural energy drinks at the Rise and Shine bar, vegan Caribbean food, raw cakes, acai bowls and more. You can also take a reiki treatment or a massage before, between or after you get those feet moving!

Rise and Shine! Photo: Source

There will be live music and DJs playing ‘high vibe’ tunes (I told you that I now say high vibe!) and I can’t wait to check this one out. It really is such a great way to dance and party with a difference – you feel energized, get to meet some new people and its also kid friendly (up to 16yrs go free) so its a space for all to join.

I honestly just love to dance and when I re-learned how to do that a few years ago without needing alcohol to do so, I discovered just how liberating, fun and actually quite empowering it feels. Come join us!

The next event takes place on August 11th from 11am – 3.30pm and you can get your tickets HERE.


See you on a dancefloor soon!!


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