Month: February 2016

The Many Faces of Yoga: India Edition – Elissavet Pantazi

Elissavet is from Greece and was another fellow ashtanga practitioner in Goa. I had the great joy to meet her and her mother during their time in Anjuna. We speak about how Elissavet came to yoga, keeping the balance and starting all over again…and again. What brought you to yoga?

The Many Faces of Yoga: India Edition – Katerina Tahautdinova

I met the wonderful Katerina from Russia during my time practicing in Anjuna. It was so lovely to meet Katerina and her family and be inspired by their way of living, moving from place to place with their beautiful daughter to practice and teach yoga as well as exploring new places and creating a space …

Yoga Travel Guide: Anjuna, Goa, India.

I spent 3 months living in Anjuna which is an area in Goa, South India. I was practicing ashtanga yoga with one of my teachers who lives there. During this time I met some wonderful people and great places. After three months there and searching for the best places to eat, drink, hang out I …