Web & business skills workshop for yoga teachers


I have asked the lovely folk over at Educated Machine to come and share some of their tech and business tips and tools with us yogis and anyone else who would like to join.

When: Tuesday May 30th, 6 pm – 9pm

Location: Amara Yoga & Wellbeing, Westside enterprise park, Galway.

Price: €35 Sign up<a href=”http://Workshop accessible and open to all who wish to gain a bit more confidence and understanding about working with the wonderful world of web and other handy business and organisational skills – which can be a massive help when you work for yourself. The guys over at Educated Machine deliver their wisdom in a super relaxed, fun and easy to translate into non-techy type language way 🙂 Sign up here: http://app.acuityscheduling.com/catalog.php?owner=11644606″> here.

There will be some tea and healthy cakes for everyone also 🙂

One aspect of starting up your own business or just working for yourself as a yoga teacher or any area of teaching and self promotion is learning and working with the big, sometimes scary, world of web 🙂 I have come at it as a complete beginner and it was and can be quite daunting sometimes.  Gaining confidence and figuring it out bit by bit is really helping me and making it more fun and making things (and me) more organised and easier.

I have attended numerous workshops with Educated Machine and have learned loads from their accessible, fun and helpful way of teaching. Their philosophy is that technology is a tool to help build something really cool and helpful and they want to spread the knowledge around to those who wouldn’t have constant contact with it.

In this workshop we will learn how to craft and deliver the message and spirit of your company online. You will be taught how to navigate all the latest techniques and methods for creating amazing content with a killer message that engages with and grows your audience. During this workshop we’ll cover the fundamentals of creating the right images for each social media platform and how to manage social media interactions with customers, tips for an effective and impressive website, handy tools and platforms for your business and just gaining confidence and organisational skills within the digital and business side of yoga and other health/wellness lines of work – in a fun and light-hearted way 🙂

Please do get in touch if you would like to join or if you have any specific aspects of online/web development cartier bracelet love price
that you would like to cover.


Contact: yogafootsteps@gmail.com

Phone: (087) 760 4179

Check out the guys at Educated Machine for more information on what they offer and who they are. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


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