Yoga Travel Guide: Barcelona – 6 places for Organic Veggies

It is really great to see such an availability of organic and local veg/fruit in Barcelona – there is really no shortage and you can be sure that there is a store somewhere nearby to stock up on some local and organic produce- and the variety is huge , because well you know that little thing called regular sunshine really helps  and it is nice to know that so many of the stores source their veg as local as possible or grow them themselves.

Here are just a few of the spots I found and used throughout my trips.

La Repartidora

This is a small Organic veg shop and health food store, selling zero waste products also – rice, beans, lentils for example.

You can get a weekly organic veg/fruit box (if you are committing to a certain amount of weeks) with two options – €10 or €15.

This is in the Poble Sec area and they have a good selection here and all the the veg comes from their own farm outside of Barcelona and with certain items like bananas coming from the Canaries and other places.

Location Carrer de Salvà, 15, 08004 Barcelona

Contact +34 659 86 68 81



This is a huge organic supermarket chain that you will find in many different locations in Barcelona (and Spain) with basically everything you can imagine. From organic vegetables and fruit to healthy, organic food products, natural cosmetics, organic wines, cleaning products and, well, everything else your earth conscious and organic loving self could desire.

There are a several stores in Barcelona city centre that I came across, as well as in neighboring cities such as Manresa and from their website I see they are all over spain.

It is great to see supermarkets like this!

Location You can find one of their many store locations and contact details here.


La Lleteria 

This is another health food store in Poble Sec with a variety of fresh organic vegetables and fruit and a great selection of other natural and health food items- food, cosmetics, eggs, cleaning products.

They also run regular events- yoga, tai chi, creativity workshops – which would definitely be something fun to check out.

Location Salvà 42, Local 2, Barcelona, Spain

Contact +34 933 29 14 87


Mercat de La Terra

This is a market I really like to go to when it is on, which is once a week (usually on a Saturday but with a change during the peak summer months). There are a couple of stalls here that sell organic vegetables and fruit so it is a great excuse to pop down and do your weekly shop and maybe pick up a few more bits at the other stalls – while listening to some funky music, maybe having a coffee or tea and just soak up that Barcelona street life, market feel good-ness.

Supporting and shopping at local farmers markets is always a good move and it is always a really nice way to meet people and to actually talk to and get to know the faces behind your produce.

Location Plaça de les 3 xemeneies, 08004 Barcelona, Spain

Contact  +34 639 50 69 20



I was delighted to happen upon this organic supermarket in the city centre, and even more delighted when I went inside. An excellent selection of organic fruit and vegetables here as well as a hugely stocked store and a cafe/restaurant for some organic, healthy food in house or on the go – or try one of their freshly pressed juices! (I had carrot, apple, ginger!), I also tried one of their delicious vegan millet and tofu croquettes.

They run weekly competitions each Monday to be in with the chance of winning a €10 euro bag of their organic products via their Facebook page.

Location Passeig Sant Joan 46, Barcelona, Spain

Contact  +34 686 50 55 85


Cal Cerda

I spent a bit of time helping out at this organic farm in a town outside of Barcelona – San Antonio De Vilamajor. I really liked this place and the team who have transformed this old pig farm into a really impressive organic vegetable farm- and I think it has expanded even more since I was there. Selling veg boxes in Barcelona, jars of beans and homemade sauces using their own produce and organising some cool and interesting events at their farm, which is situated in the countryside and is family owned.

When you are from Ireland, it really is a novelty and a joy to see things like organic watermelons, melons, different types of aubergines and more delicious tomatoes than you can ever imagine in abundance! I really liked what these guys were doing and loved that they were so welcoming to have me help out a bit – even though I knew cartier bracelet love price
very little about organic farming.

So yeah if you happen to be in the countryside or come across their produce in the city – they grow some delicious produce with great care.

Location Cal Cerdà de Dalt s/n ,San Antonio De Vilamajor, Cataluna, Spain

Contact +34 673 103 619  



Organic veggies !!



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