Inversion Immersion & Mindful Mobility with Daniel Morgan

I am delighted to welcome Dan Morgan. a.k.a DCM Lifestyle & Yoga to Galway for the first time this December. Dan is a wonderful, internationally recognized Vinyasa teacher from Wales.

Over the weekend we will have a series of three workshops taking place on Saturday Dec 2nd & Sun Dec 3rd at Shaolin MMA Gym, Unit 11, Kilkerrin PArk, Liosban Industrial Estate, Tuam Rd, Galway.

Saturday December 2nd – Inversion Immersion


Part one:  Hands as Feet: Learn to Turn Your World Upside Down

Time 10am – 12.30pm

Cost €35 (*100 for all three workshops Sat/Sun)
The aim of this workshop is to bring you a deeper understanding of the physiology, body position and techniques required in a straight Handstand. With a focus on the five key focus points of a handstands – through practical experience and various drills for building strength & mobility, this workshop will help you to obtain a solid foundation from which to build your inversions practice. 


Part two: Discovery & Balance: alignment, mobility, & balance for your inversions 

Time 2.00pm – 4.30pm

Cost €35 (*€100 for all three workshops Sat/Sun)


The aim of this workshop is to bring a deeper understand of how we find balance, strength and stability in our inversions practice. Through practical experience and various drills, this workshop will teach you how to find and keep balance and stability when on your hands – leading to more consistency and confidence in your inversions practice.


Sunday, December 3rd 

Mindful Mobility

Time 11am – 2pm

Cost €35 (*€100 for all three workshops)

In this workshop, Dan will take you through a full body stretching experience. Incorporating and educating you in various stretching techniques, this workshop will give you a deeper insight into your own body, and how to work with it in a more mindful way. Building a map of the tension areas in your body.

Each human body is different, we each have different habitual patterns that effect our bodies and the way we move. Through experimenting with various postures & stretching techniques, you will begin to understand your own body more – where you hold tension, where you have blockages andlimitations. Not only will you become more mindful of your body in this workshop, you will learn how you can release that tension to bring more balance to your body.

Starting at the toes and working up to your head, this workshop will cover an array of different stretching and fascial release techniques – many of which you wouldn’t experience in a normal yoga class.


To reserve your spot please contact me directly and I will send payment details (PayPal / Online Bank) 

*early booking advised

Clair Carter –

Phone (087) 760 4179