Co-working Online sessions


Come and join the first of this online co-working experiment. As I work, write, create a lot from home (or beach, or bar, cafe or whereever I find myrself). I was thinking how nice it would feel to have a bit of a community online when I can’t have one physically. As a way to both create some accountability, motivation, structure and create a community.

You can check my events.

So how it will work is you can join in on the first session which will take place each Friday and Tuesday for the next month. Fridays – morning sessions and Tuesday, afternoon/evening sessions (different times for different time zones below)

10 am – 12pm GMT (Ireland)
11am – 1pm GMT+ 1 (Spain)
1 pm – 3pm EAT (Tanzania- Where I am)
3pm – 5pm GMT + 5.30 (India)

4 pm – 6pm GMT (Ireland)
5 pm – 7pm GMT + 1 (Spain)
7 pm – 9pm EAT (Tanzania)
9 pm – 11pm GMT + 5.30 (India)


-We will all check in before the session, briefly say what we will be working on (no need to go into to much depth) and then we will get to working.

-Check in after the first 90 minutes to see how things are going and end with a final group check-in to see how we all got on before signing off.

This is for anyone from any background or area to join in – whether you have work projects to catch up on or some personal project you just need a bit of support and focus to help move it along. You are welcome.


As I say this is an experiment and I hope to figure out what works best as it progresses. To begin I will create a group where people joining in on each session can chat to each other (Whatsapp or Facebook or Email chat to begin – any group chat forum suggestions are welcome, I want it to be the least distracting and which will only be used once the sessions are taking place).

If there is interest I will create a group (perhaps Facebook) where we can chat amongst ourselves or post any ideas or content or suggestions.

So this is my idea and lets see how it goes.

Contact me if you wish to join and we will go from there or sign up on my Facebook event.

WhatsApp: +353 87 760 4179