Clair Carter, an Ashtanga yoga practitioner, teacher and travel blogger first came to practice yoga in her final year at University in 2011. Starting with Ashtanga yoga this has been her primary yoga practice since then. Clair has practiced extensively in Ireland, Spain and during trips to India with some of the few Certified and Authorized by KPJAYI senior teachers . After one year living in a rural yoga retreat centre in the South West of Ireland working as a vegan chef and yoga teacher Clair completed a year long 200 Hour Hatha Yoga teacher training.

In 2013 Clair pent 3 months practicing Ashtanga yoga with Indian teacher Jai Prakash in Mysore, India and during her most recent trip in December 2015 spent another 3 months of deepening her understanding of the Ashtanga practice with senior Certified teacher Rolf Naujokat in Goa. Practicing as regularly as possible with her teachers : Certified Ashtanga teacher Luke Jordan and Authorized level 2 teacher Sonja Radvila.

Most recent schools of practice include Ashtanga Yoga BCN (Barcelona) and Ashtanga Yoga London with Senior certified teacher Hamish Hendry.


It was during this last trip to India that Clair was able to continue working on her project The Many Faces of Yoga.

The inspiration behind this project is that Clair really believes yoga and its endless benefits are accessible to all and not dependent on gender, size, lifestyle, age, background or culture – and through these interviews with people from all over the world Clair wished to share the stories and inspire people to explore yoga for themselves.

Clair has personally experienced that yoga and this lifestyle can have profound effects and bring about deep changes in life- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Through teaching, practicing yoga all over the world and interviewing so many teachers and practitioners Clair has learnt that yoga is something which is unique to each individual which I wish to share with others.

When not practicing yoga Clair is usually travelling, eating vegan food and exploring the vegan scene around the world. Also extremely motivated and concerned about our impact on the world and environment and so continues to discover and seek out sustainable companies , initiatives and ways to move through the world with the most gentle footsteps that we can. #plasticfree #saveouroceans #banplastic #reduceyouwaste