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Yoga Travel Guide: Seaweed and Shells in Sligo

I love Sligo and ever since my days visiting or spending time there with my many surf-loving friends I have really loved it. The stunning landscape and the relaxed outdoorsy feel to the place that usually comes with seaside locations. There… Continue Reading →

Inversion Immersion & Mindful Mobility with Daniel Morgan

I am delighted to welcome Dan Morgan. a.k.a DCM Lifestyle & Yoga to Galway for the first time this December. Dan is a wonderful, internationally recognized Vinyasa teacher from Wales. Over the weekend we will have a series of three workshops… Continue Reading →

September yoga classes and workshops – Galway

6 Week Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga This 6 week term will be accessible for varying levels and I will offer individual adjustments and variations of the postures to the different levels and bodies. Ashtanga is a dynamic form of yoga… Continue Reading →

Yoga Travel Guide: Barcelona – 5 Great Coffee Spots.

Now I am by no means a coffee connoisseur, but I do really really like coffee and have drank quite a lot of it. While I try to not have more than one or two a day, my philosophy is if… Continue Reading →

Yoga Travel Guide: Dublin, Ireland

Ashtanga Yoga shala As soon as I walked though the door here I felt at home. John and Suzanne are both so warm, welcoming and just so lovely. I was here for a week to practice with one of my… Continue Reading →

The Many Faces of Yoga – Dan Morgan

Photo supplied by Dan and credit to Jack Paul White. I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Dan recently at a workshop he ran in Ireland – all things handstand and inversions. Dan is a Cardiff based yoga teacher… Continue Reading →

Web & business skills workshop for yoga teachers


The Joy and Pain of opening the heart

  For me, part of what yoga is about is the process of undoing the lifetime of finding ways to protect hermes paris enamel bracelet by lucky \/brandon-veronica our heart, avoiding pain that we all inevitably experience and also with… Continue Reading →

The Many Faces of Yoga – Hamish Hendry

  Hamish Hendry is a certified ashtanga yoga teacher from England. Hamish teaches primarily in his yoga shala in London – Ashtanga Yoga London. I got to practice with Hamish and have a chat over tea him afterwards to talk about… Continue Reading →

April/May Events -Yoga workshops & classes.

  Here are a few exciting events coming up over the next few weeks. Really looking forward to all of them and hope to see some of you on the mat with us <3 Clair x

The Many Faces of Yoga: Galway Edition- Baiba Sustere

  I have had the pleasure of meeting Baiba Sustere since my return to Galway this year. Baiba is another wonderful teacher and part of the Galway yoga community and I loved hearing how yoga came to her life and… Continue Reading →

Yoga Travel Guide: Glasgow, Scotland

This year turned out to be the year for me to discover Glasgow – which is a pretty cool city. Here are some of my favourite spots – with many, many more left to discover and more and more awesome… Continue Reading →

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