Welcome to my yoga travel blog. Here is where I share the stories of some of the wonderful yogis I have met over the past six years since I started practicing yoga and travelling around the world to learn and share with teachers and practitioners from this great yoga community of ours.

I also love to cook (and eat!), spend time in nature as well as cities and anywhere this path takes me to.  I share recipes that I have created or learned and Yoga Travel guides to places I have spent time in with all your yoga and nourishment related spots.

Hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think and any recommendations or places I should visit.

One of The Many Faces of Yoga from around the world, Perrine Du Chauffaut from France.

Check out my Many Faces Of Yoga project. I have been interviewing people from Ireland and all over the world about their experiences of yoga and how it has benefited their lives. I wish to show that yoga is accessible to all and your yoga journey can begin at any age or stage in your life. If you want to try yoga out, go for it and see what you think.


bree hill
Check out some of my favorite spots in Wexford for yoga, healthy food and walks.


I love to travel and pretty much all of my trips are based around yoga so I work on creating Yoga Travel Guides for each place that I visit or spend time in. I travel as much as I can to practice and learn with some of the great teachers from the Ashtanga yoga lineage. I  also regularly like to spend time working, practicing and helping out in retreat centres in Ireland, Europe and Asia.


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Simple and delicious Vegan Chai Smoothie. Yum!


Another great love of mine is cooking healthy vegan and vegetarian food. I like to share some of the recipes that I have created or learned. I have spent many years in my own kitchen and in kitchens in retreat centres creating, tasting, sharing and serving delicious and nutritious vegan and vegetarian food. I have been a vegetarian for about six years now, for many of which I ate a vegan diet. I find this diet works best for my body from a health perspective and hope to support people who would like to incorporate a bit more fresh, healthy plant based food into their diet.


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I offer weekly classes in Tuam and Galway city. You can check here for my current timetable. All classes are accessible for beginners of practitioners of all levels. I also offer individual/group private classes.

You can contact me for any queries or bookings.